Tuesday, August 9, 2016


I was horrified to hear that a young couple had left their two year old locked out of their apartment as they played Pok√©mon Go. What made this sad story even worse was when the Deputy Sheriff called the father whose response was rather absurd, ‘Whatever!’ as he hung up the phone on the Deputy. How is it possible in today’s culture to see young kids and teens left alone in what at times can be a hostile world?

I know that one of the most upsetting experiences in life is to not have family that care and few or no friends. I can’t fathom what went through the mind of this two year old whose life revolves around his parents who clearly don’t care. I’m around young and old who face what is for them life-threatening experiences such as going to the doctor and hearing the C word without any empathy from the physician.  What about the child who is unfairly punished because of an adult whose life is going south and takes out their anger in fits of rage on them. The end result is that someone who had hoped to have a mom, dad or relative show concern for their lives realize that they are alone.

I’m also taken back when someone has chosen to show real love for someone that has been left alone to get ongoing questions when you consider the young gymnast in Rio. It has taken the week for the media to step back and accept the fact that Simone’s parents are her grandparents who have been there from the beginning and yes they are Mom and Dad! Yet, imagine the thousands of young children who live in the Favelas close to the Olympics in Rio who are alone and dream about having anyone call them son or daughter!

I’m fortunate to have an amazing wife and family who would never allow me to live in despair and think that I was alone to face life’s ups and downs. Yet, the reality for many today is that the breakdown of our society and family unit has left too many forgotten. So it’s not that its wrong to be alone and have down time it’s when you truly believe that no one cares or is there and you sit alone in despair that’s wrong. The solution, it isn’t easy because it requires my and your participation, is to open your eyes and see those around you that are alone. The most remarkable experience in life is to show heart felt concern for another human being and see a smile and eyes light up when you purposely choose to enter into someone else’s world!