Thursday, May 9, 2019

Finishing well is what matters the most!

This last Saturday I witnessed again the impact of caring about how you finish! One of my partner organizations, Stormwind, is an incredible group of people that always do such an extraordinary job painting exterior of low-income houses of grandmas. As I drove up to Tanya’s house after the painting project, I was totally impressed with how well my friends had finished the house. Everything was placed neatly in either stacks, like the ladders, rollers were put in a bin, paint brushes had been cleaned and buckets had been consolidated for paint. Wow! I’m so fortunate to have friends that truly care. My clean up job is so much easier, quicker and actually fun. 

More importantly, as we approach gradation week at Arizona State University, I’m thrilled to have a few interns that have partnered with Barrio, walk and get their diplomas and more importantly a degree that will lead to an awesome future. What’s so easy, having done college and grad school, is to burn out towards the end. It would be so easy to just go through the motions to get it done without giving it your all. 

I’m so proud of a good friend, who is also my barista and has been an intern with Barrio over the last year plus. She is someone that is always motivated, quick to smile, empower you to do better and is so wiling to serve and help. My friend has been through a lot in life, which you would never know from how they choose to live. My friend has given me an incredible example of why everyone should always stay true to the end and make a difference in the world. 

I know that at times it so easy to think the short cut or path of least resistance is the only way to live. Yet, what impacts a life is when someone chooses to be a trailblazer. Yes, do something few are willing to do. I was so utterly touched when I had messaged a good friend, who does handyman work, to see if he could help replace a window on the house of the grandma we had helped on Saturday. I had messaged her that it would get replaced in the following week. Little did I know that my friend, Ken, would show up that Monday and get it DONE! 

Finishing well communicates to everyone your love of life, the fact that little things do matter and giving it your all will impact many lives. 

Monday, May 6, 2019

Life is about giving not getting!

I’m always encouraged and inspired by a group of friends from a local company, Stormwind in Scottsdale. The owner, a great friend, is always so quick to volunteer, step up and bless one or more of our grandmas with painting of the exterior of their homes. Tom is always such a delight to watch as he exudes such a loving and giving spirit! It’s actually fun when you have this mindset because it becomes contagious to all around. I know that as I greeted his team of 50 helpers that everyone from little Siena, who bragged about being 4, to the newest employee showed real enthusiasm to jump into painting. 

The end result after a few hours was a transformed house that truly blessed Tanya and her family. It’s always incredible to see the difference a group like this will make in a couple of hours. Yes, it does take team work, sponsorship and actually getting paint both on the house and at times on each other. I always love seeing a picture of this amazing family at Stormwind.

My other inspiration, whenever we paint, are twin sisters who regardless of what’s happening will find a way to show up. I’m touched by the cheery spirit and enthusiasm of these gals. They’re so quick to volunteer, do whatever they’re asked and actually work. I know that doing real work isn’t always the focal point of kids. Yet, these gals always step up and ask where can they help? I’m jazzed to watch them with their smiles and eager spirits. 

The other person, who always inspires me, is grandma Bernice. I know that being 87 for most would mean staying inside and not venturing out. Yet, my grandma is always so quick to volunteer and then show up early. She has this incredible smile that truly touches and inspires anyone who sees her. I’m so fortunate to have her in my life. She is great at cleaning up, doing the little things that turn into the biggies in life. 

One of my other teen helpers, who will be a senior soon, always goes out of her way to get her key club to help. I know that as the semester comes to a close soon that everyone is busy with finals and finishing school. Yet, Elianna brought her team out to help finish up Lexi’s house. I’m also touched to see another pre-teen, Bunny, who recently moved far away, to show up with her incredible smile. I chuckled as a few of my interns helped Bunny navigate painting the trim and the pop outs of Lexi’s house. 

I’m also around some that truly believe that the world should revolve around them. I understand a little about what life is like if you don’t have anything. The pathway to a better life isn’t through mooching or scamming but asking how can I help so I can learn, do better and rise above my setting? 

I have been inspired by so many who are truly givers who step up and sacrificially make a difference so I in turn can be a blessing to MANY.