Sunday, March 25, 2018

Passionate silence turns into ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Isn’t it possible that the youth of today, even the 9-year-old granddaughter of Martin Luther King Jr, can speak truth into the lives of adults? I was taken back by the articulate speech of an eleven-year-old at the Washington DC March for Our Lives who definitively made the point contra the conspiracy theorists that she was capable of speaking on an adult level. The real message that came across even in downtown Phoenix with 15,000 marchers is ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

Regardless of the labels that have been placed upon Parkland High Student, Emma Gonzalez, she spoke out LOUDLY and with SILENCE about her passion to see change take place in our country! Her silence, according to David Hogg fellow survivor, made the people in power who are owned by the NRA to take NOTE. We are not going to stop until change comes into our nation when it comes to common sense gun laws, better school protection for us students and then to see the incredible funds given to politicians from the NRA STOP. Imagine what would happen if the funds given even to our local congressmen and senators would have gone to buying books instead of promoting bullets?

How was it possible a month after the school shooting that there could be such a wide movement of young adults standing up and speaking out against gun violence in our nation? I have memories of the Vietnam marches and protests. I know that with the birth of the internet and social media it only takes days not weeks or months to see a movement unfold. I was offended and confused by the comment of one that all of these teens would not be know if there hadn’t been a mass shooting. The reality is that the Emma’s, David’s and Lauren’s were going to speak up soon.

The question left before us is whether our president will continue to cave into the power of the NRA or on a local context that our legislators will see the clear path of common sense gun laws, real background checks, address mental health and the need for resource officers in schools. It’s time to start working together instead of fighting.

How is it possible that we live in the greatest county on the face of Planet Earth and we have the most mass shootings and continued gun violence?  

Passion now turns into action! The massive crowds that appeared across our nation yesterday will soon be of voting age and will become the leaders of change for the near future!