Monday, September 16, 2019

Who is your help and hope in life?

I’m sure you’ve had that kind of day where you just wanted to scream? A few days ago I was on a tight schedule and decided to get one of our vehicle’s oil changed, go purchase a new gas cap and then get it emission tested.  As the technician came up to me, I was expecting an up-sale for something besides oil change, but instead he told me I had a nail sticking out of my tire. The ‘kicker, was that the nail’s sharp point was actually sticking out of the tire. So, as I’m getting back into my SUV after purchasing my gas cap, a Hispanic gentleman alerted me to the fact that I had a flat tire. A WHAT? FLAT TIRE! How could I have a flat. Doesn’t God know that I have a schedule to keep? I don’t have time to drop off my SUV, pay big bucks for new tires and then walk home in 100 degree temps? 

What amazed me, reminded me of how God works at times in incredible ways, was that this total stranger took over changing my tire for me. I must have looked rather shocked and maybe even helpless. I usually pride myself on being able to be self-sufficient. Yet, I reveled in watching a new friend actually give me hope that today wasn’t going to be a total waste. 

As I reflect about how too many today are helpless when it comes to figuring out life or dealing with the drama around them,  I’m so thankful that I have a hope that goes beyond the dilemma of  fixing a flat tire.  My hope is in the one that is more than capable of dealing with the more important aspects, such as life and death. 

This has been a rather stretching month for my Anne and me. Our son, with our three grandsons, decided to relocate to the east coast. So, we will miss our twin grandson’s first birthday. The birth of our fourth grandson has bought infinite joy! (We see him very often.) The biggest joy in our lives was having grandad, Anne’s father, come out for a one day marathon visit to see his grandkids and now his four great grandsons. Little did we know that in a couple of weeks following, our dear grandad would be leaving us after a torn aorta. Here was a man that was the glowing example of someone who was a true helper who always provided hope for those around him, not in himself but in the Lord. 

A few days after my father in-law’s heavenly home coming, my brother ended up in the ICU with double pneumonia. Initially, I didn’t comprehend the seriousness of this situation. As my Anne was returning from being with her mom and siblings for ten days, I flew off to New Mexico. I didn’t perceive this as being a rescue mission, yet, after seeing my brother on a ventilator, I became his advocate and help. I had to passionately persuade the doctor on call, for the holiday, to get him airlifted to the bigger hospital in Albuquerque. I needed heavenly intervention as this seemed beyond the doctor’s intent. 

The bigger picture is that after ten days struggling in the ICU, my brother had his ventilator removed and started on the road to recovery. He experienced a real sense of hope in his life where he now has a mission to be God’s helper in the midst of tough circumstances. Yet, as I listened to a twenty year old, who I have known for ten years, I’m frightened as to how this individual is always on the edge, always coming close to dropping out of life. How do people in today’s crazy world discover a hope in life that is more than capable of providing them the help to face anything in life? 

I know that for many who have grown up in Sunday School or around the church that the simple response is to any question about life’s challenges is always, JESUS. Yet, I as experienced life and death this last month, I’m drawn back to the one who is the author of life. He’s the one who has come to give me the potential of having the most awesome life possible. Yet, even after experiencing the incredible sense of purpose, mission and hope in life through an ongoing relationship with this savior, servant leader, I find myself  placing my hope in myself pretending to be god like. 

What do you do when you’re ready to quit, throw in the towel or even worse? My hope is that even in the midst of a season of helplessness that you would pursue God and put your trust and hope in the one who is the creator and sustainer of all life. 

My oldest daughter’s favorite Bible verse as a kid growing was Psalms 121; I lift my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. He will not let your foot be moved.

May you discover the help I’ve found in the One who made heaven and earth!

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