Monday, November 26, 2018

Creativity brings inspiration into your life!

I will be the first to admit that I really suck at drawing! Yet, since the advent of the iPhone I have become a budding photographer who lives to capture life moments. One of the great opportunities in life is to discover your passion and have the freedom to explore it without constraints. Last night, during an amazing Phoenix Sun’s win, I had a rather insightful discussion with a young friend. I know it can be rather difficult to discover your niche in life when you’re surrounded by genius type siblings or parents and you’re an average guy. Yet, as I listened and prodded, I discovered a passion for learning in a rather different fashion. I know that most today in education would question the rationale behind teaching Greek or Latin and classical thought when the real need is more STEM students who can fill those high paying jobs. 

I have been pushed out of my comfort zone with having the opportunity to do an iPad class on almost a weekly basis with a group of kids and teens. What has amazed me is that I have been allowed to be at the center of pushing the envelope for designing projects that are surrounded by Apple Creative Genius types. What shouldn’t have surprised me was that one of my shyer students came to life after being given an opportunity to use her creativity. I was taken back, honestly shocked at her admission that she perceived herself as being an outgoing person. I watched her step up and use a creative app with her iPad that brought out her personality. 

Isn’t it possible to see each day as an opportunity to use what is around you as your own canvass to create beauty in life? I was taken back by a recent discussion with a PhD friend who made the statement that the pursuit of scientific truth always brought out the real essence of beauty in life. How is it possible for my super nerdish friend to talk about beauty as is if he is some type of impressionist artist. Yet, as I pondered what he heartfully shared, he’s totally ‘spot on’!

One of the more creative projects we did in our iPad class was to do video of everyone in a different setting actually break out their moves and DANCE. Our inspiring Creative Genius, Bella, then put together this incredible video clip of our group’s interactive dance. Then the next move was for our group to create their own music, via Garage Band, to add to this already inspirational clip. As I had the opportunity to listen to 20 of our student’s music it struck me that you didn’t have to be a famous musician or vocalist to create great sounds to take this dance clip to the next level. 

Living in Arizona, one of the more amazing creative times is watching the incredible sunsets with all the vast array of colors and shapes of clouds. The one who designed the universe and the life that surrounds everyone is the ULTIMATE artist who has literally created something out of nothing. The rising or setting of the sun ought to inspire us all to see the gift, beauty and inspiration in life!

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