Monday, November 26, 2018

The greatest gift you can give to a friend is yourself?

Yesterday I was truly fortunate to have a huge group of friends, close to 70, purposely choose to sacrifice their Saturday to bless Grandma Bea and Geneva! It’s incredible to watch the influence of close friends who have shared their passion of helping and giving with their company, Stormwind. I was so amazed to see a group of young families with their kids help paint Grandma Bea and Grandma Geneva’s houses. (It was great to see a playpen set up in the driveway of Bea’s house!) 

One of my favorite passages from the Bible shares this incredible principle, Greater love has no man than this, but to lay down his life for a friend! (John 15:13) Imagine what the world would be like if more people choose to be intentional about how they treat those around them, especially those who are of a different race, cultural background, religious persuasion or socio-economic setting? 

I know that we live in a time where intimacy, authenticity and finding your passion and purpose in life sadly too often is missing in most people’s lives. I’m an aging baby boomer so the song looking for love in all the wrong places is so true. What would happen if you choose to be purposeful about helping and laying down your life for a friend, neighbor or even a new acquaintance. Today I reconnected with a young friend who I hadn’t seen in 5 years. Unfortunately, life hasn’t gone well for my friend. He had been kicked out of his adopted mom’s house and also his bio mom’s place. He has been homeless over the last two years and choose to hitchhike from Dallas to Phoenix. I was able to take him and his brother to get some food, listen to their story, connect with a friend who could help and get them some bus passes and cash. 

Tonight, I was blessed by some newer friends who manage a new Apple Store in a fancy mall in Scottsdale. They have chosen to partner with us in helping our kids and teens have an opportunity to better understand high tech, creativity and team work. It has been through the commitment of a few of the Apple Creative Team that my group has learned so much about the beauty of life and its’ expression through art. 

One of the more important life lessons to grasp is that in giving, sacrificing and laying down your life you will receive more than you can imagine. The challenge is that too many of us are more interested about what’s in it for me? What if more were to choose to take a different approach to life and instead of being obsessed with themselves actually see those around them who were hurting, left out and in real need? 

I’m so fortunate to have a few older friends who are so generous with their time, recourses and commitment to walk with troubled kids, teens and me. My life wouldn’t be what it is today without the willingness of many to step up, help out and ultimately sacrifice much so others can have a better life!

What’s the greatest gift you can give? 

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