Monday, December 10, 2018

Lights Cheer Up Your Life!

This last weekend we had a quick getaway to Prescott. We didn’t realize it was the special Holiday Friday for all of the Whiskey Row Stores to have a variety of vocalists, musicians and even belly dancers entrain the locals and thousands of visitors like us in their stores. The downtown plaza area and courthouse was turned into an incredible light display that would captivate the attention of both young and old!

I have to admit that I’m still a kid at heart regardless of being a senior! I’m always transformed into a little kid when we put up all of our lights and incredible assortment of nativity scenes throughout the house. We usually have a holiday discussion or at times argument about whether putting everything up and out just after Thanksgiving is too soon. Yet, my experience would be that we should celebrate all year round the one who is the LIGHT of the world. I know that at times some people make fun or point out too quickly the few who leave their lights up longer than the norm and even a few that never take them down. 

I lived as a preteen and teen in Montana where the long winter day-nights could be depressing because of the lack of sun light. So, why would anyone choose to be a dweller of darkness intentionally? I have lived a good portion of my life in the Valley of the Sun where the energy and power of light definitely motivates you to be up and about! The reality is that light both destroys the darkness and is what gives you the pep and energy to make your day incredible!

I know that bright lights tend to detour would be thieves from breaking into your house along with your big dog or little dog that has that loud abrasive bark. It’s so true that whatever we do in the light, broad daylight, is seen by all and that the true test of character is what we do in the darkness or behind closed doors. A good friend at Starbucks bemoaned the fact that someone had broken into his giant truck and used the remote to open his garage. Fortunately, the delinquent didn’t steal anything in the truck even though my friend had accidently left his work bonus in the back. The reality is that my friend had recently installed a few cameras that caught the thief on video. 

I know that street lights, stop lights and warning lights help detour accidents from happening or better put the light promotes and protects life! It’s always an eerie feeling to drive through an unlit neighborhood and dodge parked cars on the street. One of my young teens made the comment about watching a YouTube clip about creatures that live at the bottom of the sea. The amazing eye-catching fact is that these deep-sea creatures have a phosphorescent shine that makes it possible for them to actually see in the depths of the darkness. 

Our little get-away to Prescott required us on Friday night to park almost a mile away from the downtown because everyone wanted to see the lights and be transformed back to a little kid who is mesmerized by the assortment of lights displays and the vast variety of colors. So, why not have colored light displays at your house and purposely choose to celebrate the ONE who created LIGHT with a purpose of revealing the beauty of the truth about LIFE! 

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