Friday, November 20, 2015

Moving again?

Moving again?
 Change is good? Tough question to answer! Most of us are set in our ways and balk at someone attempting to push us to change, consider another opinion or dive into something that seems rather alien. As an Air Force brat that moved every couple of years I had a mom that was a genius about forcing me to enter into my new neighborhood and new school without any hesitation. I can remember being at war with my parents when I discovered that we were going to move in my sophomore year of High School.

We had lived in Montana for five years, which was a Bennett record; I had become an established rock god, had girls flocking around our band and had become an Eagle Scout at 13. My world was literally rocking until I heard that the Air Force Base was going to close and the bomber squadron was being relocated. I was tired of always moving just as I had become established and made friends. Yet, my mom, the expert at transitions, had taught me well to suck it up, get packed and see this as an adventure in life. The sky is the limit, so don’t complain but seize the moment to say your good-byes and then get on with it because life doesn’t stop. You will always make more friends and yesterday can’t hold you down supposedly.

So as I face another move, transition and new neighborhood I wonder what I’ve learned in the last five years. Funny that it seems to be five-year cycles that often define my life. I know that change at times can be like getting a second chance on life or discovering that you are getting old and don’t’ do as well with adjusting to much of anything. I definitely have learned over the year that home is where your family and friends happen to be and has less to do with a house or a neighborhood. Yet, I’m a little jealous of those who have lived most of their lives in one house and can actually drive back and see it as their kids become grown adults.

I don’t cherish the thought of having to pack, organize, toss out what I haven’t touched in five years and have to ask friends for help. The good news is that we are only moving a little over a mile away.  Yet, I know that sadly I won’t miss the negativity of my neighbors who are in a different world from me and are too easily irritated over silly stuff that doesn’t matter. Yes, I will do a better job of intentionally reaching out to my new friends that will live close to me. We will have a great house to entertain and build community. The question is whether we will step up and not hide in our new house and spend too much time with being obsessive with making everything perfect.

Mom I do miss not having you around to encourage me, kick me in the butt and forcibly walk me house to house to discover the ‘lay of the land’.  I know I can’t assume that any neighbors will actually come over with cookies or a bottle of wine. Yet, I’m going to make the choice to make our little block our new home and discover the beauty of living close to open fields, South Mountain Park and most importantly being walking distance from my Starbucks.

Yes, moving can be good because it forces you to rethink old patterns of behavior, toss out what you haven’t touched in years and have your world rattled a little by strangers who you hope will become new friends soon.

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